How it works

Connecting owners with reviewed and verified sitters

With an annual owner plan, you can connect with kind and caring sitters who won't charge to keep your pets safe and happy at home whenever you're away. Watch the video to find out how.

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Step by step

Purchase your owner plan

Create a listing with lots of pictures of your pets and home, then add dates whenever you're going away.

Choose your pet's perfect sitter

Receive applications or reach out to verified and reviewed sitters your pets are sure to love.

Travel with peace of mind

Leave your pets safe at home with a sitter, and be welcomed back by healthy and happy pets.

Share something special

Moments and memories

Sending you updates and images, your sitter can help you feel close to your pets wherever you are.

The love of pets

Know your pets are with an animal lover like you who is there to make memories, not money.

Your experiences

Help other like-minded members connect and keep pets and homes safe by leaving your sitters a review.

Why members love TrustedHousesitters

Verified sitters

Feel safe and secure with referenced, reviewed, and verified sitters.

Unlimited pet care

Pay once a year to arrange as many sits as you like.

Expert veterinary advice

Relax knowing you or your sitter can call a free 24/7 Vet Advice Line.

Help and support

Your Membership Services team are here to help.

Safe and happy pets

Around the world, vets agree it’s the pet care option animals prefer.

Easy-to-use app

Use your app to take every step of your journey as you travel.

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Trust and safety

Your safety, security, and happiness are at the heart of TrustedHousesitters.

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One annual membership plan lets you arrange as many sits as you like.

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Want to sit too?

With a combined membership plan, your pets can stay safe at home with a fellow pet lover while you experience house sitting for yourself.

How it works for sitters

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