How to arrange a pet sit

Connecting owners with reviewed and verified sitters

An annual sitter plan lets pet lovers like you unlock a whole year of unique places to stay. How? Play the video to find out.

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Step by step

Purchase your sitter plan

Create a profile that stands out from the pack with plenty of pictures, personality, and sitter verifications.

Apply for unlimited sits

Explore, apply for, and confirm exciting sits with adorable pets in locations you'll love.

Experience life elsewhere

Stay in a home away from home with a new pet companion, keeping them safe while their owner's away.

Share something special

The love of pets

Make wonderful memories and fall for new pet friends you'll never forget.

A warm welcome

Open the door to wagging tails and feel at home wherever you go.

Your experiences

Help other members find their dream sit by leaving feedback for owners.

Why members love TrustedHousesitters

Unlimited adventures

Pay once a year to enjoy as many sits as you like.

Discover more

Fill a pet-shaped hole in your heart while exploring somewhere new.

Unlock unique places

Make yourself at home wherever you are in the world.

Expert veterinary advice

Call your free 24/7 Vet Advice Line to clear up any pet query.

Help and support

Your Membership Services team are here to help.

Easy-to-use app

Use your app to take every step of your journey, anytime, anywhere.

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Trust and safety

Your safety, security, and happiness are at the heart of TrustedHousesitters.

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With one annual membership plan, you can enjoy as many sits as you like.

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Are you an owner too?

With a combined membership plan, your pets can stay safe at home with a fellow sitter whenever you’re away.

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