Film student looking for another surrounding and company.

Karlsruhe, Germany


I´m 24 years old and I study Film editing at a Filmschool so therefore I watch a lot of movies and love to read - when I get the time. I really spent most of my time working on projects but love to visit my friends and family as editing can

Why I want to house sit

Right now I am in my so called "vacation year" and have surprisingly spent a lot of time at home which I want to change. Also I realized how much I missed hanging out with pets. Which led me to housesitting. I'd love to have some time to

My experience

When I was younger we had two rabbits living in the garden. And after I finished school I lived in Australia for one year where I Au Paired and I also cared for a little Kavoodle called Knoppers. I also was happy enough to live in a shared

Pet care experience

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Film Editor