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We verify the ID & contact details of all sitters before they apply to sit, and many earn our free reference check too.

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How do you choose from the pet sitters that apply? Start by reading their references and reviews left by other owners.

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Your home is covered during every sit, at no extra cost. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll need it — but it’s there if you do.

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It means more without money

Pet sitters aren’t here to make money. All they ask for is a free place to stay, which means your only cost for unlimited pet care is an annual membership — it's that simple.

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Enjoy your holiday with added peace of mind knowing your pets and home are well looked after.

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From dog walks to belly rubs, sitters keep your pets happy in the one place they feel truly relaxed — their own home.

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With a community of sitters looking to stay with pets like yours, there's no need to ask friends or family for help.

Since joining, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting five fantastic sitters in our Swiss apartment. We’ve had paramount care for our furry friends and also met some fantastic people. All I can say is thank goodness we tried TrustedHousesitters!

Lyndsay and Kyran, owner members from Switzerland

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Our Money Back Guarantee

We know it can feel like a leap of faith to find a sitter for the first time. That’s why all our Standard and Premium memberships give youif you don’t find a sitter within two weeks of posting your first sit.

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