Dog sitters in New York City

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How to arrange a dog sitter

Step one

Create your listing

Once you've bought your membership, create a listing with plenty of pictures of your home and pets. Next, add any dates you need a dog sitter.

Step two

Receive applications

Dog sitters in New York City or people from further afield may apply to your sit, sending an introductory message and their sitter profile for you to review.

Step three

Choose your dog sitter

Get to know the dog sitters that apply, asking them plenty of questions until you're sure they're the perfect person to care for your home and pets.

Step four

Set off with peace of mind

Set off knowing your dog will be safe and happy at home with a pet lover like you. You can even ask your dog sitter to send you updates while you're away.

What owners and sitters have to say

Why Housesitting Works

“Joining such a wonderful community of animal lovers has completely changed the way we travel.”

Terry, dog owner, New York City

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Home & Contents Protection

When you arrange and confirm a sit through TrustedHousesitters, your home will be covered for up to $1 million (USD) at no extra cost. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll need it — but it’s there if you do.

Verified dog sitters

Connect with verified pet sitters who have gone through a range of ID checks to provide extra peace of mind. Just take a look at the Trust Badge on their profile to see what level of verification they’ve achieved.

Reviews and references

Whether you want a sitter for your dog, cat, or pet of any kind, know you’re connecting with the right person by reading ratings and reviews left by other owners. Many sitters also provide references from people like their employer.

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The beauty of TrustedHousesitters is that their staff are always helpful, polite, cannot do enough for you...

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