Dog sitters: keeping dogs happy at home

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If you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you’ll know how much they love their home. But did you know that dog sitters near and far away are ready and waiting to help them stay there whenever you're away?

What is dog sitting?

Dog sitting is a kind and caring alternative to boarding kennels, in which a pet lover like you stays with your dog whenever you’re away. And if they’re a TrustedHousesitters member, whether they’re a nearby dog sitter or someone from further afield, you can rest assured they’re there to make memories, not money.

Yes, dog sitting with TrustedHousesitters is all about sharing the love of pets and so sitters never charge for the care they provide, and owners never charge for them to stay.

  • Dogs love it because they get to stay happy at home with a new human friend who helps them maintain their much-loved routine. From walkies and playtime to plenty of cuddles, dog sitters offer dedicated pet care vets say animals prefer.
  • Owners love it because they can travel with true peace of mind knowing their dog is safe at home with a like-minded pet lover. They don’t have to call on family or coworkers — verified dog sitters near and far away are happy to help.
  • Sitters love it because they get to spend time with adorable dogs in homes, near and far away. It’s a dog lover’s dream way to experience new places, with canine companions waiting to welcome them around the world.  

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How does dog sitting work?

While some local dog sitters open up their homes to their canine clients, TrustedHousesitters is dedicated to keeping pets in their own home. Surrounded by the sights, smells, and snoozing spots they know and love, vets agree that it’s the place all animals feel truly safe.

The preferred option for loving owners around the world, in-house dog sitters are particularly helpful to those with multiple animals or dogs in need of one-to-one care. And with thousands of sitter profiles to explore and helpful tools like verifications, references, and secure messaging, TrustedHousesitters members can find the perfect person to care for their particular pet.

So how does dog sitting work as a TrustedHousesitters member? Both owners and sitters pay just once a year to become a member. They can then connect with each other to arrange as many sits as they like, safely and securely, using the website or easy-to-use app.

Watch Martin and Jenny’s story to see how it works…

Sharing the love of dogs

Members around the world tell us their lives have changed thanks to dog sitting. From sitters who say it fills the gap left in their lives by the loss of a pet, to caring owners who can finally take a break away with true peace of mind.

“We’ve now had two great sets of sitters, and we’ve actually found a friend for life in our most recent sitter. She still checks in with us to see how Hero is doing and we are in the process of planning our next meet up. That’s the great thing about TrustedHousesitters, we are all part of the same club and you can find like-minded individuals.”

For even more information on dog sitting with TrustedHousesitters, head to our How it works page. There you can find a simple step by step guide to arranging sits and find out about the features members love, like their 24/7 Vet Advice Line and sitter verifications.

We also have a Membership Services team who are available to help between 7am-7pm, 7 days a week (UTC). So if you have any more questions or need a hand getting started as either an owner or a sitter member, please just get in touch.