Cat sitters: keeping cats happy at home

From cuddly lap cats to moody moggies, all cats have one thing in common: they love their own home. Thanks to cat sitters near and far away, they can stay there all year round. This is great news for cats, owners, and the feline fans who get to stay with them…

What is cat sitting?

A popular alternative to catteries, cat sitters are pet lovers like you who’ll stay with your cats whenever you’re away. They could be lovely local cat sitters or kind people who have journeyed from afar just to spend time somewhere new with an adorable animal.

For TrustedHousesitters, cat sitting is all about sharing the love of pets and so sitters will never charge to care for a cat and owners will never charge for them to stay. It's a special exchange between like-minded people that keeps cats safe while helping each other to travel.

  • Cats love it because they get to stay safe and warm in their happy place — their own home. With a human companion at hand to ensure they have everything they need, it’s the popular cat care option that vets say pets prefer.
  • Owners love it because they can go away knowing their cat is safe at home with a fellow feline lover who is there to make memories, not money. Imagine never having to ask a friend or family member to help out with cat care ever again.
  • Sitters love it because they get to enjoy the company of cats while staying in homes around the world. For those not lucky enough to have a cat of their own, it really is a wonderful way to fill the kitty-shaped hole in their heart.

Find cat sitters near and far away

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Search, scroll and explore the profiles of verified sitters who'll love and care for your cat just like you do. You can even filter to find local cat sitters near you and search by reviews, experience, and availability.

How does cat sitting work?

Cat sitting doesn’t just keep cats happy — it’s enriching the lives of people every day. Sitters are enjoying the calming company of cats around the world, while owners like Tom and Chloe can finally travel with true peace of mind.

“We often relied on friends or Chloe’s mum to look after Cobweb, but for longer trips, we needed an alternative. After reading about TrustedHousesitters, we loved that the sitter would step into our shoes, meaning Cobweb could sleep in her own bed and get to know the sitters.”

Want to know more about cat sitting with TrustedHousesitters? From the three simple steps of joining, arranging and enjoying successful sits to the tools included in an owner membership, you’ll find plenty of helpful information on our How it works page.

If you have any other questions or would like help starting your journey with TrustedHousesitters, you can also contact our Membership Services team. Available 7am-7pm, 7 days a week (UTC), they are here to help whenever, wherever — just get in touch.