Coronavirus: what it means for your sit

Paul - Head of Membership Services

We know you may have questions about the coronavirus and what it means for you as an owner or sitter member. As the situation continues to evolve, our blog is the best place to learn more about your travels as a TrustedHousesitters member. 

You may also have questions about the TrustedHousesitters platform during this time. To help you, we’ve compiled all the answers to your most frequently asked questions in one place. 

Our team continues to monitor official news and guidance around the coronavirus situation in order to support our global community. Sits are continuing to go ahead however if you have an upcoming sit and you are unsure whether to travel, please follow the guidance below: 

Ensure you stay informed

Our focus is always how we can best support our sitters and owners. Given that the situation continues to evolve, we ask all members to review their local authorities’ travel guidance and health advisories regularly, especially while restrictions and advice are still subject to change. In addition, we advise reviewing global guidance from the World Health Organisation. A list of reputable sources can be found below:

Remember, you may also need to adhere to restrictions or quarantine periods depending on where you are, so do make sure to check this well in advance of your sit.  

We have also produced a sitter guide and owner guide, as well as a cleaning guide, to further help you conduct safe and responsible sits.

Keep up communication

As the situation evolves it is more important than ever that both sitters and owners communicate their status and travel plans. If you are having difficulty reaching your sit/sitter please contact Membership Services.

Make sure you have a plan B

We always advise that both sitters and owners have a plan B in place before a sit, which you can rely on if for any reason your sit/sitter is unable to travel. This is in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Check your travel provider

We advise members to check that planned transport is going ahead with their travel provider. Some travel providers may cancel flights or arrange alternative routes which may result in unexpected delays. 

Make sure you have travel insurance

Sitters are encouraged to arrange any additional insurance they feel is necessary. If you're a sitter and have sits abroad, we strongly advise you look into relevant travel and health insurance.

Make sure your emergency contact is updated

This is important in case you do start to feel unwell during a sit or while you are away, or if you become delayed as a result of the virus. Keep a note with your emergency contact, whom you are sitting for (or who is sitting for you), and which pets are currently under your care in your pocket, bag or wallet. 

If you have any other concerns please contact Membership Services

Remember, as your Membership Services team, we are here to help. Phone lines and live chat may currently be busier than normal right now, so we recommend sending us a message. Alternatively, we may be able to answer your question on our Coronavirus FAQs blog post.

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