2021 Cat Puns

Danielle Petch
A tabby cat looking wide-eye against a light grey background

Who doesn’t love a good cat pun? If sarcasm truly is the lowest form of wit, then we would argue that cat puns are up there amongst the highest forms of comedy! 

So, whether you looking for inspiration for a punny message to a feline-loving friend, or you’re searching for fun cat puns to accompany your kitty’s next Instagram caption (or should that be cat-tion? Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), then look no further. We’ve got you claw-vered (ok, seriously, we’ll stop now).

Check out this list of pawsitively purrfect cat puns, guaranteed to get any cat lover clawing in hysterics!

Top 50 Cat Puns

1. Happy Caturday!

2. Good meow-ning!

3. It’s a cat-astrophe!

4. It’s meow or never

5. I'm a VIP - Very Impawtant Puss

6. Stay paws-itive!

7. Just hear meowt

8. Clawsome

9. Hiss and make up

10. Purrfect

11. I’m feline fine

12. Feline fur-end

13. Purr-cisely!

14. Simply ap-paw-ling!

15. Let’s pawty

16. Fur-get about it!

A black and white cat looking to the left against a bright pink background. Text reads: You've gotta be kitten me!

17. I loaf you

18. My cat's got a great purr-sonality

19. Fur real

20. Paws for thought

21. Oh, paw-lease!

22. Wait a meowment

23. I’m a real catterbrain

24. Paw-fect

25. Pawdon me

26. Paint my pawtrait

27. Let me tell you a tail

28. Meow and furever

29. I knead you

30. You’ve got to be kitten me

31. Have a mice day

32. I’m just kitten around!

33. Feed me right meow!

A black and white cat against a green background. Text reads: It's meow or never.

34. Purrhaps

35. It’s paw-ssible!

36. Pawsitively!

37. Fur-ever

38. Truly paw-some!

39. That’s just paw-ful

40. That cat's got cattitude

41. That’s simply clawful

42. My cat is so purr-tty

43. The cat’s paw-jymas

44. I've got my thinking cat on

45. So fur, so good

46. Scratch that!

47. That's hiss-terical

48. Happy Purr-thday!

49. That's claw-fully funny!

50. I'm pro-cat-stinating

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